Mixing Tubes: Paser 4
Mixing Tubes: Paser ECL
Rated Pressure: 60k
subcategory: Mixing Tube

HOT! DELTA Standard Waterjet Mixing Tube for Paser® ECL & Paser® 4 (SELECT YOUR SIZE)

Introducing the SHAPE Delta Series waterjet cutting mixing tubes. These mixing tubes are a more advanced design of Flow Paser ECL and Paser 4 014214-XX-XX mixing tubes. The Delta Series draws on years of technical knowledge, detailed analysis of water and abrasive flow, and the latest data from our customer's everyday applications. Available in 3 and 4 inch standard length and id. Learn more >
    Cutting Head
  • Paser 4
  • Paser ECL
    Machine XY Model
  • IFB
  • Mach 2b
  • Mach 2c
  • Mach 300
  • Mach 3b/GIFB
  • Mach 4c
  • Mach 500
  • WMC

Engineering Title(s):

  • 1000001-30-30: MIXING TUBE ASSY;.030 ID;3 IN LG
  • 1000001-30-40: MIXING TUBE ASSY;.030 ID;4 IN LG
  • 1000001-35-30: MIXING TUBE ASSY;.035 ID;3 IN LG
  • 1000001-35-40: MIXING TUBE ASSY;.035 ID;4 IN LG
  • 1000001-40-30: MIXING TUBE ASSY;.040 ID;3 IN LG
  • 1000001-40-40: MIXING TUBE ASSY;.040 ID;4 IN LG
  • 1000001-50-35: MIXING TUBE ASSY;.050 ID;3.5 IN LG
  • 1000001-50-40: MIXING TUBE ASSY;.050 ID;4 IN LG